Equa Advantage

Feel good, during the resolution process also.

See, how Equa is assisting people in the resolution of their disputes.

Feedback from Customers

The number speaks. You also try once to find a good experience.

The clients say that they got a sigh of relief after getting their dispute resolved by Equa Neutrals.

The Advantages


  • available through both mobile and desktop channels,

  • minimizes costs to participants, and

  • can be easily accessed by people with different physical ability levels.


  • accountable to the institutions,

  • conforms to the legal frameworks, and communities


  • expertise in dispute resolution, legal, technical execution, language, and

  • can deliver competent, effective services in the target areas.

  • uses the time efficiently.


  • Confidentiality is maintained for the parties.

  • Complies with Data Privacy laws.


  • Treats all participants with respect and dignity.

  • Enables often silenced or marginalized voices to be heard, and

  • ensures that offline privileges and disadvantages are not replicated in the process.


  • Treats all parties equally and in line with due process, without bias or benefits for or against individuals, groups, or entities.

  • Conflicts of interest of providers, participants, and system administrators are disclosed in advance of the commencement of proceedings.


  • Abides by and upholds the laws in all relevant jurisdictions.

  • Ensures that the justice is delivered.


  • Ensures that data collected and communications between those engaged in ODR is not shared with any unauthorized parties.

  • informs of any breaches in a timely manner.


  • Discloses in advance the form and enforceability of dispute resolution processes and outcomes

  • apprises the risks and benefits of participation.

  • Ensures that Data is gathered, managed, and presented in ways to ensure it is not misrepresented or out of context.

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