Training for Case Managers

Build your career in Dispute Resolution

Start managing the cases. Get the official training for office and court related work. Something similar to judicial clerkship.

Learn and Work online.

Get in touch with the parties. Assist them in proceedings. Take down notes when required. Assist the neutral to resolve the dispute.

Build your career as an ADR Professional.

Increase your prospects of working as a Neutral and get the practical work experience.

Get trained as a Case Manager

Training for Case Managers

Equa has partnered with ‘wPractical’, a platform for practical learning (, to impart Paralegal training to you. The 10-day Paralegal Training focuses mainly on practical methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution through online mode. The training shall be imparted by experts in arbitration and mediation though videos and live lectures.

The financial benefits for a Case Manager

A Case Manager gets ₹1000/- per session of dispute resolution at Equa. To know more, visit the transparent Schedule of Fee.

Take the first step in ADR world.

International Peacemaker Certification

Get certified as Peacemaker. Get to know the nuances of dispute resolution and ADR. Make yourself enabled to be a Case Manager and further a neutral.

Apply for the Case Manager at Equa.

If you have completed the training, immediately apply for work.


What is case manager training?

A candidate shall undergo 20 Hours of training by experts who are working the field of dispute resolution. Further, 2 hours each day during the training period shall also be required to study the learning resources and preparation.

The certificates shall be awarded to the successful candidates upon passing of the live test by wPractical. However, VDRC shall reserve the final rights to designate a candidate as a paralegal.

Will I get an opportunity to work at Equa as a Case Manager?

You do not get absolute right as the assignments of case management depends upon the clients. When Equa receives plenty of cases for dispute resolution, then it shall require more case managers but when the case are lesser, you do not get continuous assignments.

What is pay structure offered by Equa to its Case Managers?

You shall be paid as per the Schedule of Fee in a transparent manner.

Can I later become an Arbitrator or Mediator at Equa?

Yes, definitely. You will be a better neutral as you would have the experience of working as a Case Manager as well.