Case Manager

Manage. Coordinate. Deliver.

Participate in the delivery of justice.

The Equa Case Manager

Work from anywhere.

You enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere. As Case Manager, you shall interact and coordinate with all the stakeholders.

Learn coordination and management through practice in real-time.

You have to manage the case, parties and coordinate with all the stakeholders. This creates a sense of responsibility and pride in yourself.

Take it as a career opportunity.

You can become a good Arbitrator or Mediator as you experience the dispute resolution from all the angles. You get more close to the clients and understand their plight in a better manner.

The Duties and Responsibilities

Know more about the Career as a Case Manager here.

Get the necessary certification to work as a Case Manager.

Learn the skills to work as a Case Manager

Attend the training to work as a Case Manager at Equa Trainings Academy.

Explore the trainings for Neutrals


Know more about he dispute resolution ecosystem.


Who is Case Manager?

Case Manager means the representative of the Equa who shall coordinate and facilitate the parties in dispute resolution proceedings.

What are the duties of a Case Manager?

To coordinate with the clients and Neutrals in all aspects. The Case Manager also handles the financial aspect relating to the matter. It shall also provide Pre-dispute consultation to the clients.

How much can I earn by working as a Case Manager?

Please visit the Schedule of Fee.

How to get trained as a Case Manager?

If you do not have experience, you can underho the case manager training offered by Equa Trainings Academy.