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Equa partners with MediaT, Russia 

April 21.2022

Equa.Law has entered into an international collaboration with International journal, “BULLETIN OF MEDIATION IN EURASIA”.


Equa partners with MediaT, Russia 

April 14.2022

Equa.Law has entered into an international collaboration with MediaT, Russia.


Equa partners with LawDocs for delivering affordable assistance to the parties 

New Delhi, Feb 02.2022

Equa.Law has entered into an ecosystem partnership with LawDocs wherein the LawDocs shall provide documentation services to the people. If a client is willing to create an arbitration agreement or a mediation settlement, he can do so by using the LawDocs services for free.

Further, the clients can use the LawDocs services for preparing a claim or response and making e-signatures on it. Such documents are acceptable on Equa Platform. As dispute resolution is a legal work. Therefore, the clients can find the relevant drafts and use them accordingly. 

LawDocs provides Paralegal services through trained law students. Such services can be used by clients to get the assistance in the entire process. 


Equa certifies the ADR training offered by wPractical Academy.

Singapore, Nov 09, 2021

Equa.Law has partnered with wPractical Academy to provide professional training to the neutrals. The practical trainings have been designed as per the class of neutrals and seniority.

The training programs are offered for different categories for Arbitration and Mediation. As per the partnership, those who get trained by wPractical Academy shall be granted 1 year free subscription of Private ADR Court at Equa.Law

wPractical Academy is offering the International Peacemaker Certification for the students who want to build their career in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution.


Equa starts #EqualHer Campaign on social media

Equa Foundation, a Not for profit oraganisation is running a social initiative for the equal rights of women.

The women from across the world are rendering support to the initiative. It is creating an awareness among people and children so that they get mentally prepared for the same.

Litigants Survey 2022: 84% of the litigants are willing to join the ADR methods and settle their pending matters.

As per online survey conducted by Equa.Law, the parties are willing to opt for the alternative methods for dispute resolution. Such methods are economical and provides quick disposal of disputes.

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