Private ADR Courts

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These courts are run by the ADR professionals independently, yet bound by the Equa Procedural Rules. These courts are available on subdomain,

The access is by a direct link only.

The domains of expertise

The Private ADR Courts are working in these areas


Leading experts who are highly experienced in resolving trademark, copyright, design patent, and trade dress disputes between corporations.


Qualified to handle all types of complex insurance disputes, coverage disputes arising between insurers and corporate policy-holders.


Highly experienced neutrals capable of handling the complexity of corporate tax disputes.


The BioTech Panel consists of neutrals expert in biotechnology matters with experience in intellectual property related to biotechnology and related fields.


Highly experienced experts specialized in resolving a wide variety of environmental conflicts such as water rights, toxic torts, natural resources, and land use.

Real Estate

Neutrals and experts in all real estate matters including development, land use, leasing, environmental concerns, and other complex commercial matters.


Neutrals with extensive experience in resolving disputes arising between franchisers and franchisees in type of industries.


Practitioners uniquely qualified to handle the types of disputes encountered in the film, television, music, and performing arts industries.

Energy, Oil and Gas

Expert in resolving complex energy disputes including alternative energy sources, electrical, gas and nuclear specialties.


The neutrals with experience in employment and related disputes, including executive compensation, workplace ethics, discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment at workplace, and termination issues.


Neutrals having significant experience in e-discovery matters, including knowledge of data retention and retrieval systems, corporate retention policies.

Health Care

The Health Care & Life Sciences matters involving health care entities, hospitals and hospital systems, physicians and other providers, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, as well as the complex regulatory framework.

Banking & Finance

Neutrals with experience in resolving complex disputes arising between banking, accounting and financial services institutions.

Family Matters

This panel comprises of the ADR professional who can help you in domestic as well as cross border family disputes.


Neutrals with experience of natural sciences, computer science, electronic, engineering and similar technologies.

The Diversity

Dispute Resolution panel members include:

General Counsels

Our General Counsel Panel is comprised of current or former General Counsel of famous companies. 

Retired Judges

Former judges of highest Courts of the respective countries with years of experience adjudicating all kinds of disputes.

Global Experts

World-class neutrals, located across the globe who can resolve all types of complex cross-border commercial disputes.

Gender inclusion

The panel of Equa neutrals comprises of both the genders in a good ratio.

The Equa Feedback

You can provide your feedback regarding the services of the neutrals which shall help us in grading of the neutrals.

Private practice as a mediator offers the opportunity to work independently and provide dispute resolution services directly to clients outside of a formal organization or court system. Mediators in private practice serve as neutral third parties who facilitate communication and negotiation between conflicting parties, helping them reach mutually acceptable resolutions. Here is a description of private practice as a mediator:

In a private practice as a mediator, professionals leverage their expertise in conflict resolution and interpersonal dynamics to assist parties in resolving their disputes. They may specialize in various areas such as family law, business, employment, real estate, or community mediation, depending on their training and experience.

As a private practice mediator, individuals have the flexibility to establish their own practice, set their rates, and select the types of cases they wish to mediate. This independence allows them to tailor their services to the unique needs and preferences of their clients. They can offer mediation sessions at mutually convenient locations, including their own office or a neutral venue.

Private practice mediators engage in a range of activities, including:

Private practice as a mediator requires strong communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills. Mediators must remain neutral, impartial, and committed to promoting a fair and balanced process for all parties involved. They should have the ability to adapt to various personalities, navigate complex emotions, and handle challenging situations with sensitivity and professionalism.

Building a successful private practice as a mediator involves establishing a reputation for integrity, professionalism, and effective dispute resolution outcomes. It requires cultivating relationships with attorneys, clients, and referral sources to generate a steady flow of mediation cases.

Overall, private practice as a mediator offers the autonomy to guide parties towards mutually satisfactory resolutions while contributing to the peaceful and efficient resolution of conflicts outside of traditional litigation processes.

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