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Claim your rights.

Sitting idle will not solve your problem. Waiting for the right time, is not always a remedy.

Not the delayed justice.

Time-bound proceedings with the help of technology. Filtration of claims through AI, powered by Equator, AI.

Super affordable.

Transparent fee structure. Believe it by checking out Schedule of Fee.


Escrow account services as an option. Time-bound execution of agreements. Know more, here.

Download & fill the Form

FIll the form in MS Word. Print and send it, or attach with the form below.

Request for Mediation.docx

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Are you new at Equa? See instructions for filing the Claim?

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For more information, Try Dispute Explorer, free.

Neutral Hiring Services

Not sure about the Neutral? Let us understand your matter and suggest a neutral for your dispute.

Paralegal Services

Get professional assistance at an affordable price. Save your time and money.


Do I need to pay a fee for filing a claim.

Yes, you shall pay according to the schedule of fee. The Case Manager shall guide you accordingly.

How shall I decide if I should go for Arbitration or Mediation?

You can avail the Dispute Explorer Service and discuss the same though Pre-litigation Call.

What if I do not get response from opposite party?

Equa shall issue a certificate of non-participation regarding the opposite party. You can use this to plead before the Court that the other party is not cooperating in the matter.

What is the role of Case Manager in the case or claim?

The case manager coordinates with the clients and neutrals.

This service is helpful for resolving the disputes that involve

Claims alleging that money is owed, contract dispute and other commercial disputes.

Landlord tenant disputes including the eviction proceedings

Disputes wherein the people are not required to be represented by lawyers.

Disputes between only two people. 

What are the pre-requisites for filing a case?

The dispute must be triable in Indian courts.

Have access to the internet and have an active E-mail address.

Agree to the terms listed in the agreement to mediate.

All parties must be major or over the age of 18.

You do not need to have a case filed in court to use the service. Even if you have case pending in the court, you can still use the service to try to reach a settlement before your hearing or trial date.