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Hire LawDocs Paralegals to help you at affordable prices, as low as ₹1000/- per session.

Equa, the dispute resolution centre, offers Paralegal Services to clients and parties who require professional assistance in their dispute resolution process. These services provide clients with independent paralegals who work alongside Equa to ensure a smooth and efficient resolution. Here is a detailed description of Equa's Paralegal Services:

The benefits of Equa's Paralegal Services include efficient document preparation, guidance through the legal process, time savings, access to legal expertise, and the assurance of confidentiality. These services are particularly beneficial for clients who are new to dispute resolution, have limited time, or require assistance in navigating the complexities of their legal matters. By availing Equa's Paralegal Services, clients can confidently navigate their disputes with professional support, ensuring a smoother and more effective resolution process.

Online assistance

You just handover the work. The Paralegals are equipped to assist you in Online Dispute Resolution Proceedings at Equa. 

Its 'wow' element.

It is surprisingly quick and effective. If you are not tech-savvy, its absolutely okay.

DIscuss everyhting.

The Paralegals will not only brief you about the nuances of Law but also explore the solutions for your problem.

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Avail the service at as low as $20 or ₹1000 or equivalent in other currencies.

Choose the method of payment you like and receive a call from Equa Case Manager.