Schedule of Fee

Administrative Fee

Registration Fee

One time, includes pre-litigation call and filing charges. No additional fee for Failure Report.

₹ 1000/- or $ 20/-

Case Management Fee

Applicable upon either party, per session,, includes case management and secretarial support charges, postage, service, stenographic charges etc.

₹ 1000/- or $ 20/-


Arbitrator Fee (Grade A)

This is the minimum fee, you may need to pay more if you choose a specific Neutral.

₹ 10000/- or $ 200/-

Arbitrator Fee (Grade B)

Fee, per session, paid by each party.

5000/- or $ 100/-


Mediator Fee (Grade A)

This is the minimum fee, you may need to pay more if you choose a specific Neutral.

8000/- or $ 150/-

Mediator Fee (Grade B)

Fee, per session, paid by each party.

4000/- or $ 80/-

Mediator Fee (Grade C)

Fee, per session, paid by each party.

2000/- or $ 40/-

Misc. Charges

Conference Room

You get a space with good facilities, WiFi, snacks etc. for 3 hours. Not applicable in online hearings.

5000/- or $ 100/-

Govt. fee and Stamp Duty

This gets equally divided among parties/

As per actual

Outstation charges for Neutrals

Additional fee if the Neutral travels outstation.

Same as their fee

Outstation lodging & travel expenditure

If the neutral travels to outstation, then the travel expenditure by Air or Private Taxi and lodging or boarding charges in 3-Star Hotel.

As per actual

Optional Paid Equa Services

Optional services can be availed at the charges mentioned therein.

₹ 1000/- or $ 20/-


Supposedly, you choose a grade B mediator for resolving a family dispute and it takes 5 sessions for reaching a settlement, then you incur ₹1000.- for registration, ₹5000/- towards administrative fee (5 sessions), ₹20000/- towards the Grade B Mediator fee (5 sessions), approximate ₹1000/- misc. expenditure, hence a total of around ₹27000/- only. If mediation fails in the first session, you incur ₹6000- only.

Terms and Explainatory Notes

  1. The Equa.Law issues notices to the other party upon registration, if it joins then the matter proceeds, otherwise Equa generates a failure report which can be submitted before Court.

  2. A session means 3 hours of time.

  3. The Neutral fee shall be charged on effective hearing only.

  4. Registration fee, administrative fee are non-refundable.

  5. The schedule of fee shall be governed by Pricing and Refund Policy.

  6. Misc. Charges are applicable, only when used.

  7. The fee shall be deposited prior to the session.

  8. These charges are applicable to either party.