Equa OmniPresence

Global Presence

Equa has established a strong global presence with offices strategically located across the world, enabling easy access to its services for clients in different countries and regions.

International Reach

Equa's international presence allows it to effectively serve clients involved in cross-border disputes, providing them with a platform to resolve their conflicts in a neutral and impartial manner.

Trusted Network

Equa has built a robust network of experienced neutrals and mediators from diverse legal and cultural backgrounds, ensuring that parties involved in international disputes have access to professionals with the necessary expertise and understanding of their specific jurisdictional requirements.

Works internationally.

Neutrals from round the globe are available at Equa. No matter, where you are, you can resolve your issue at Equa.

The Neutrals

The Countries

Choose your country and language. Settle and ensure execution at ground level.

The Physical Locations


United States


United Kingdom

EquaSpaces across world

Explore the presence. If your dispute is related to these countries or location, we shall be there to help you.

"Equa's global presence has been instrumental in resolving our international dispute. Their network of experienced mediators ensured a fair and efficient process, resulting in a successful resolution." - Maria Lopez, International Business Owner

"Thanks to Equa's global reach, we were able to find a mediator familiar with the laws and customs of both countries involved in our international dispute. Their expertise and guidance led to a satisfactory resolution for all parties." - David Thompson, International Trade Consultant

"Equa's international expertise and diverse panel of mediators gave us confidence in their ability to handle our complex cross-border dispute. Their understanding of different legal systems and cultural nuances helped bridge the gaps and reach a mutually beneficial agreement." - Emma Williams, Multinational Company Representative

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