The Equa Grading System for Neutrals.

The criteria for assigning the ADR matters.

The Equa Grading of Neutrals

The minimum eligibility

For Arbitrators

Grade A Arbitrators

Eminent persons in the relevant field like retired Judges, Senior Advocates, Retitired government officials.

Grade B Arbitrators

The neutrals having 10 years or more experience

For Mediators

Grade A Mediators

Eminent person ni the relecant field like retired Judges, Senior Advocates, Retitired government officials.

Grade B Mediators

The neutrals having 10 years or more experience

Grade C Mediators

The graduates having 3 minimum 3 years of experience in the relevant field.

Check out the criteria for Detailed Assessment.

Be an Equa Certified Neutral with Equa.Law

The grading of neutrals and mediators involves evaluating their performance, skills, and qualifications to determine their proficiency and effectiveness in providing dispute resolution services. Here is a description of the grading process and its significance:

Grading of neutrals and mediators plays a vital role in ensuring the competence, professionalism, and effectiveness of dispute resolution professionals. It helps parties make informed decisions when selecting a mediator and encourages mediators to strive for excellence in their practice.

Equa.Law maintains stringent accreditation norms for creating high standards of professionalism among its Neutrals, including arbitrators and mediators and for maintaining a common pool of Neutrals comprising of mediators and arbitrators from different jurisdictions, which will be available in all ADR institutions who are members of Equa.Law.

Equa.Law Accreditation is based on the respective Experience Qualification Path (EQP) or the Qualifying Assessment Programs (QAP). Equa.Law Neutrals are also bound by the Equa.Law Neutrals Code of Professional Conduct, which provides users of ADR services from Equa.Law with a concise statement of professional and ethical standards they can expect from Equa.Law Neutrals and sets standards that the Neutrals are expected to meet. Users who believe the standards established in this Code have not been met, may prefer a complaint to Equa.Law Accreditation & Disciplinary Committee as per the Equa.Law Neutrals Conduct Assessment Process.

Equa.Law Accreditation Programs:

Equa.Law EQPs or QAPs are formed to accredit Neutrals at high standards of professionalism and to control and maintain the dignity, decorum, ethics, rules and code of conduct of Arbitrators and Mediators, and for the purpose frame rules, regulations and bye-laws and to amend, vary or rescind any rule/ regulation/ bye-law from time to time.

The Equa.Law Accreditation and QAP’s will be accessible on equal basis to all mediators and arbitrators regardless of their professional affiliations, gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation or other personal characterization. The accreditation will be purely based on evaluation under the respective EQP or QAP.