Criteria for Assessment

The Assessment Criteria

After fulfillment of the minimum eligibility, the neutrals are assessed on the following grounds amongst others.

The Neutrals are assessed on the following criteria.

1. Neutral's Experience

2. Arbitration or Mediation Knowledge

3. Skills

4. Program Transparency

5. Program Integrity

6. Ongoing monitoring of Programs

7. Commitment to Diversity

General Knowledge Requirements

The following areas of practical skills are required for effective mediation advocacy.  The list is offered as guidance.

Common Criteria for the Assessments

The assessment of neutrals or mediators involves evaluating their qualifications, skills, and performance to ensure they meet certain criteria for competence and effectiveness in providing dispute resolution services. Here is a description of the common criteria used to assess neutrals or mediators:

By evaluating neutrals and mediators based on these criteria, assessment processes aim to ensure that professionals meet the necessary standards of competence, professionalism, and effectiveness in providing dispute resolution services.

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