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Equa is resolving International Disputes.

Resolving international disputes demands special skills, experience and cultural sensitivity. That’s why thousands of attorneys and their clients turn to Equa. We are a recognized leader in cross-border mediations and arbitrations, with resources wherever you or your clients do business.

Broad Scope

Equa has established itself as a leading dispute resolution centre with a wide-ranging capability to resolve diverse types of disputes at the international level. Whether it's commercial, contractual, employment, family, or cross-border disputes, Equa has the expertise and experience to handle them all.

Expert Neutrals

Equa boasts a team of highly skilled neutrals and mediators who possess deep knowledge and expertise in their respective fields. These professionals are adept at facilitating constructive dialogue, ensuring fair and balanced negotiations, and guiding parties towards amicable resolutions.

International Reach

Equa's capabilities extend across borders, enabling it to resolve disputes involving parties from different countries and jurisdictions. It leverages its global network of neutrals and mediators, ensuring access to professionals with diverse cultural backgrounds and legal expertise.

Tailored Solutions

Equa recognizes that every dispute is unique, and it offers tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of each case. Through a combination of mediation, arbitration, and other alternative dispute resolution methods, Equa provides flexible approaches that empower parties to reach mutually beneficial outcomes.

Efficiency and Cost-effectiveness

Equa understands the importance of timely and cost-effective resolution. By leveraging efficient processes, advanced technology, and streamlined procedures, Equa minimizes delays and unnecessary expenses, delivering swift and efficient dispute resolution services.

Commitment to Excellence

Equa is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and ethical conduct in all its proceedings. It is committed to promoting the principles of fairness, impartiality, and confidentiality, ensuring a safe and conducive environment for constructive dispute resolution.

Global Capabilities

International Practice Areas

Our panel includes attorneys, barristers, solicitors and retired federal and state trial and appellate court judges who have resolved an extensive array of international matters, including those involving:


• Bengali

• Farsi

• French

• German

• Italian

• Korean

• Russian

• Spanish

"Equa's international expertise and reach have been invaluable in resolving our cross-border dispute. Their network of mediators and deep understanding of international laws allowed us to find a satisfactory resolution quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend Equa for anyone facing international disputes." - Michael Anderson, International Business Owner

"Thanks to Equa's global capabilities, we were able to successfully resolve a complex international dispute. Their team of mediators demonstrated exceptional knowledge and professionalism throughout the process. Equa's expertise in navigating cross-border conflicts is truly remarkable." - Emily Martinez, Global Operations Manager

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