Physical locations for dispute resolution.

Sit face to face to resolve.

Use the Physical locations to sit and resolve. Be treated as guest.

EquaSpaces is a unique offering by Equa, the dispute resolution centre, providing a physical space or office where parties can personally attend mediation proceedings facilitated by professional mediators. Here is a description of EquaSpaces:

EquaSpaces provides an invaluable opportunity for parties to participate in mediation proceedings in a physical setting that promotes collaboration, privacy, and the effective resolution of disputes. By choosing EquaSpaces, parties can benefit from a dedicated environment that supports their mediation journey and helps them reach mutually satisfactory agreements.

Meet and resolve

Meet the opposite party at an EquaSpace and discuss the matter in the presence of the Equa Neutral.

Convey to the Neutral, everything, uninteruptted.

Say whatever you want to, with supporting documents. Answer the queries of the Neutral and clear the doubts.

The Office Locations


United States


United Kingdom

Hearing / Meeting Venues

Large buildings and hearing centers at one central place are no more relevant in this modern connected world. Rather use of hearing centers will be diminishing by the day as we move into a connected digital world. We have a list of several hundred venues around the world that will make hearings or mediation conferences much easier and cost effective for everyone. Avoiding long travel time and costs, including inconvenience of a strange land at some time. 

Hire the Equa Services

Avail the service at as low as $100 or ₹5000 or equivalent in other currencies.

Choose the method of payment you like and receive a call from Equa Case Manager.

Be an EquaSpace Franchisee

Run the ADR proceedings in your physical premises. Get paid as people use it.