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Led by our global network of finest and most credible professionals, we are dedicated to driving growth and prosperity for small businesses. Through a range of services, solutions and resources, we help you prevent, manage or resolve issues impacting your business at every stage of your business life-cycle and in every business function and transaction.

Integrate Your Business

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Establish Grievance Redressal Portal

Settle the grievances within the company.

The benefits of Equa Integration

  • your company will gain access to a powerful global network of member companies, thought leaders, peers, neutrals and stakeholders – all committed to minimize the risk posed by disputes with external and internal stakeholders.

  • Demonstrate commitment and leadership in preventing, managing and resolving disputes by joining Equa.Law, a new world organization of forward-thinking companies

  • Gain insights into the latest thinking and business models through a global multi-industry “laboratory” for prevention and resolution of disputes.

  • Develop the tools and capacity to successfully integrate and embed conflict free environment within your business.

  • Build resilience to social, political and commercial risks that may threaten your company’s competitiveness due to possible conflicts.

  • Collaborate with peers across your value chain and from other industries to develop and scale-up solutions to cross-border, cross-culture and commercial disputes

  • Participate in policy development and influence the framework conditions under which you operate.

  • Show your commitment towards self regulated systems and strengthen your company’s reputation.

Equa logo and branding association

Use your member logo to show your membership and our combined commitment to this integrated global ecosystem and highest standards of dispute resolution practice for the modern world needs.

Display the member logo on websites, business cards, letterheads, email signatures, promotional materials like your website, brochures and marketing materials.

Dispute Management for Businesses

We help clients with our coordinated approach in the end-to-end management of disputes. We offer a wide range of skills, market knowledge, and experience, including solicitor-advocates; mediators; investigators and a host of other experts who work in tandem to achieve end goal – Dispute revention, Management and Resolution.

Our tactical interventions prevent and resolve disputes so that they don’t escalate, end up in court, or turn violent and cause irreparable damage. Our early intervention helps resolve disputes many times faster.

Rely on our hybrid legal solutions for resolving civil and commercial disputes – We are always a better alternative.

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Equa Business Offerings.

Situation and Organizational Assessments

Equa assesses the process to identify issues, stakeholders, power dynamics, wants, needs, opportunities, and risks. The assessment will give you a clear understanding what is happening, what could happen, and what you can do about it. This report is finite, results in recommendations, and will inform you on risks and opportunities to support decision-making and successful initiatives.

An organizational assessment takes the elements of a situation assessment and applies it to the teams and systems of organizations. The organizational assessment will evaluate organizational conflict competencies, individual conflict competencies, team dynamics, communication and trust issues, as well as organizational systems and functions that create organizational culture.

By understanding these issues, the organizational assessment can identify active and latent conflict risks, opportunities for problem-solving and improving strengths, and make recommendations to improve team effectiveness and organizational performance.

Training & Capacity Building

We'll build capacity so you are equipped to be more effective in conflict resolution and communication techniques

The trainings are based on Adult Learning Principals and the belief that when building dispute resolution skills "doing" must accompany learning. All out trainings are experiential with numerous opportunities to apply lessons and practice skills.

Equa Training Programs

We can customize training programs to meet your specific needs. We do have several core trainings that can be modified or delivered off the shelf. Our core trainings include:

  • Environmental Conflict Management & Stakeholder Enagement

  • Dispute Resolution for Better Decision Making

  • Advanced Mediation Techniques in International Development

  • Women in Mediation

  • Training Participants

We have trained government officials, private sector employees, tribal leaders, judiciaries, religious leaders, law enforcement officers, community leaders, ex combatants, community dispute resolution specialists, and many others.

Mediation, Facilitation & Community Dialogue

We'll help you resolve a crisis or efficiently and effectively negotiate when you have several parties that all need something different.

Mediation and facilitation are the core Alternative Dispute Resolution Services. They have many things in common such as the use of a third-party neutral to assist parties in the use of interest-based negotiation and other ADR techniques. So, too, are these processes distinct from one another.

Mediation is a problem-solving process, while facilitation is a decision-making process. Whether your issue exists between companies and communities, inside organizations, or among governments and societies, we can deliver the appropriate ADR service.

Dispute Resolution System Design

We design and implement internal or external dispute resolution systems or grievance mechanisms that will allow you to know when problems arise and address them at the lowest level possible.

Conflict is a natural phenomenon in governance, elections, and development activities. Dispute resolution systems can be used to minimize the costs and negative outcomes of conflict.

A Dispute Resolution System is a set of actions to be taken, communication channels to be used, and individuals to be assigned when conflicts emerge and grievances are filed. By having this system in place stakeholders (e.g. community members) know what to do when a dispute arises and organizations (e.g., governmental offices) have a prepared protocol to ensure the issue is dealt with quickly and effectively.

Equa.Law Special Services

  • Business interruption insurance

  • Force majeure contract clauses

  • Foreclosures

  • Loan modifications

  • Delayed rent workouts

  • Renegotiation of office leases due to work-from-home policies

  • Construction delays caused by lockdowns and supply chain disruptions

  • Increased construction costs resulting from PPE and other mandates

  • Costs related to workplace health and safety upgrades