Employee Ombudsman

Set up an Internal Grievance Redressal System for Employee.

Decrease the attrition rate. Increase satisfaction. Settle the matter before indulging into litigation.

Implementing an Internal Grievance Redressal System for employees offers several benefits that contribute to a positive work environment and foster a culture of trust and fairness. Some of the key benefits include:

Overall, an Internal Grievance Redressal System contributes to a healthier work environment, encourages employee well-being, and strengthens the employer-employee relationship. It demonstrates an organization's commitment to fairness, transparency, and employee satisfaction, ultimately leading to improved overall organizational performance.

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The Internal Conflict Management and safeguarding your employees and your company from all areas of dissatisfactions, conflicts, and grievances including workplace safety, violence, threats, theft, harassment and fraud are the biggest priority of any organization. A robust mechanism to prevent and manage the workplace conflicts always fall short and companies need an extra layer of safety to mitigate any untoward risks.

Bureau of Employee Assistance and Ombudsman (BEAO), helps in the establishment of an ombudsman program for organizations of all sizes and scale, whereby inconsistencies, inefficiencies, rigidities, favoritism and all other forms of unfairness - and illegal behavior - can be surfaced and addressed.

In addition, in every organization, many issues and conflicts for which there cannot, realistically, be rules, regulations, or policies. These issues and conflicts nonetheless must be addressed.

BEAO provides options for redress in matters for which there are no useful formal mechanisms or in many cases where there never would be sufficient evidence for formal grievance or complaint. 

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Establish an Internal Grievance Portal for employees