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A course on negotiation skills is designed to enhance individuals' ability to navigate and manage negotiations effectively in various settings. This course equips participants with the knowledge, strategies, and practical skills needed to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes through effective negotiation.

During the course, participants learn about the fundamental principles of negotiation, including the importance of preparation, understanding interests and positions, communication techniques, and building rapport. They gain insights into different negotiation styles, approaches, and strategies, such as collaborative negotiation, competitive negotiation, and principled negotiation.

The course provides practical exercises, simulations, and case studies that allow participants to apply learned concepts and techniques in realistic scenarios. Participants have the opportunity to practice active listening, asking probing questions, managing emotions, and finding creative solutions. They learn to analyze and leverage power dynamics, identify common interests, and develop persuasive arguments.

Throughout the course, experienced instructors provide guidance, feedback, and constructive critiques to help participants develop and refine their negotiation skills. Participants also have the chance to engage in role-plays and receive personalized coaching to improve their negotiation proficiency.

By completing the course, participants gain a deeper understanding of the negotiation process and the ability to navigate complex negotiations more effectively. They acquire practical tools and techniques to achieve win-win outcomes, build relationships, and foster collaboration. These skills are valuable in a wide range of contexts, including business negotiations, interpersonal conflicts, and professional interactions.

Overall, a course on negotiation skills equips individuals with the knowledge and abilities to become more confident and successful negotiators. It provides them with the essential skills to navigate conflicts, forge mutually beneficial agreements, and cultivate positive relationships.

Negotiation Skills Training

If you are into business, you have to do it everyday. Learn the art, professionally.

Learn the Negotiation Skills

This training is offered at wPractical Academy. It is recommended for the candidates who are working at management levels in any organisations.

The Peacemaker Certification

If you are exploring the field of ADR, we recommend, you should start with Peacemaker Certification as it gives you wholesome idea about the entire field of Alternative Dispute Resolution.


Can I contact Equa to learn the negotiation skills?

No. Equa is only a dispute resolution platform. However, Equa recognises certain trainings offered by other learning platforms. You get benefited if you opt for training from the Equa Training Partners.

Will I be able to solve the disputes at Equa Platform without involving a third party?

Yes. The EquaTech shall assist you to negotiate. You can exchange the communication relating to the dispute at Equa Platform.

What is the role of Equa in the negotiation proceedings?

Equa offers technology solutions for the negotiation. Further, you can hire Equa paid services for getting the proper assistance. 

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