Negotiation Skills

Get skilled in negotiation.

Use it every day in making decisions and managing your business

Learn the art of negotiation

Strike a deal with professional expertise. Avoid conflicts while doing the business.

Negotiation Skills Training

If you are into business, you have to do it everyday. Learn the art, professionally.

Learn the Negotiation Skills

This training is offered at wPractical Academy. It is recommended for the candidates who are working at management levels in any organisations.

The Peacemaker Certification

If you are exploring the field of ADR, we recommend, you should start with Peacemaker Certification as it gives you wholesome idea about the entire field of Alternative Dispute Resolution.


Can I contact Equa to learn the negotiation skills?

No. Equa is only a dispute resolution platform. However, Equa recognises certain trainings offered by other learning platforms. You get benefited if you opt for training from the Equa Training Partners.

Will I be able to solve the disputes at Equa Platform without involving a third party?

Yes. The EquaTech shall assist you to negotiate. You can exchange the communication relating to the dispute at Equa Platform.

What is the role of Equa in the negotiation proceedings?

Equa offers technology solutions for the negotiation. Further, you can hire Equa paid services for getting the proper assistance.

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