Grievance Portals

Grievance Portals

These courts are run by the ADR professionals independently, yet bound by the Equa Procedural Rules. These courts are available on subdomain,

The access is by a direct link only.

Establish an Internal Grievance Redressal Portal with Equa.Law

Supported by AI, it create a mechanism to redress the complaints within the organisation.

What we do

We help companies adopt an approach aimed at rationalizing the resolution of disputes. We bring down the litigious nature of business.

Our tactical interventions prevent and resolve disputes so that they don’t escalate, end up in court, or turn violent and cause irreparable damage. Our early intervention helps resolve disputes many times faster. Rely on our hybrid legal solutions for resolving civil and commercial disputes – We are better alternative to a traditional Law Firm.

We specialize in the Energy, Engineering/Construction, Financial/Banking, International Development, Organizational Operations and Management, and Transportation & Infrastructure industries. We know the language these industries speak, the science that underpins them, and the players involved.

Dispute Systems Designs

Consumer Ombudsman

Create a complaint resolving system for your consumers and settle it before they reach Court.

Employee Ombudsman

Redress the grievances of the employees including service and harassment related issue.

Customize a Program

Equa can provide a customized solution while working on the design, delivery, management and administration of Grievance Portals, Dispute Resolution service, Whistle-blowers service and other Innovative ADR modules for businesses and organizations.

Organizations, Associations, businesses and other institutions appoint Equa.Law to set up and manage their complaints/dispute prevention, management and resolution service. Equa can helps at all stages in developing, integrating, managing and administering the schemes

The Features

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Why you should establish an Internal Grievance Portal for your Business.

Disputes are inevitable. Resolving disputes is a necessity.

Disputes disrupt business, they divert the time and effort of the company’s staff and management from its ‘core competencies,’ which inevitably impacts the business, its development, its opportunities… These hours spent on a dispute are so many hours not spent on a profit generating activity. Implementing systems and processes, shifting towards a more "business oriented approach to dispute management" facilitates the company’s income generating activity.

These processes are elements that compose a companywide self-regulatory system and a thoroughly self regulated company is the guarantee of a coherent strategy to effectively manage disputes.

From the ‘action-reaction’ approach to dispute resolution, Equa's approach to the management of dispute is rational, business oriented and responding to a purely practical purpose: making the dispute compatible with the company’s business strategy and adding to the Profit Generating Capabilities of the Corporation.

The Perspective

Having One Vision – Early Resolution. Preventing, Managing and Resolving Deadlocks through Real world Creative Solutions. Our approach involves  negotiation, investigation, conflict audits and use of courts and annexed bodies. Our integrated approach to case management uses all options available under the sun. Each one customized to fit a client’s specific needs and objectives to achieve the end goal – Resolution.

We recognize that disputes are not all about the courtroom, particularly where our clients are keen to preserve a relationship and/or avoid adverse PR. A combined strength of legal and non legal experts having knowledge, experience and cultural sensitivity, give us that edge to effectively and efficiently resolve complex disputes that arise out in communities and businesses.

From ‘ad hoc’ to ‘systemic dispute resolution’

Disputes are generally viewed and managed in a piecemeal, ad hoc fashion, as isolated events, which are sometimes grouped by category if the risk exposure is great enough but that are rarely examined in the aggregate to reveal patterns and systemic issues.

With Equa.Law on their side, companies have incorporated the integrated and inclusive management of disputes into their corporate culture, aligning their legal departments to engage with all functions of business for early detection and resolution. This choice of shifting the approach is not presently based on trend or image, but on true pragmatic and economic reasons brought in though Internal Grievance Redressal Portals by Equa.

Facilitating your legal department to be inclusive

The legal departments are often not involved in the disputes until it gets too late to move away from a full-fledged court dispute, and some of these in court disputes last for years and bleed the organizations badly.

Equa.Law helps businesses to streamline the internal processes to identify the potential dispute at a very early stage in any function or department of the business. The legal department’s efforts to work closely with the managers to accelerate settlements and reduce costs is facilitated by an Internal Grievance Redressal Portal from a very early stage of the dispute.

Inculcating holistic approach to manage disputes

Equa.Law believes that legal matters and disputes are not merely legal ‘problems’ but are a part of the ‘course of business’ and can even be a source of opportunity”.

The legal department is not a separate piece of the machine but an integrated part of it, one without which the machine breaks down. The corporate machine never stops, therefore a legal department has to have the capability to respond to the flux of disputes efficiently through wise management and real world creative solutions.

Equa.Law helps legal departments with its holistic approach to view and handle disputes.