Arbitration training for the professionals

Equa has partnered with wPractical Academy to offer Arbitration training.

Professional training for arbitrators is a specialized program designed to equip individuals with the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to serve as effective arbitrators in resolving disputes. These training programs are typically tailored to the specific jurisdiction's laws and regulations governing arbitration.

Professional training for arbitrators covers a wide range of topics, including arbitration procedures, legal principles, case management, evidence presentation, decision-making, and ethical considerations. Participants learn about various aspects of the arbitration process, such as initiating arbitration, selecting arbitrators, conducting hearings, managing evidence, and drafting enforceable awards.

The training programs often combine theoretical instruction with practical exercises and case studies to provide participants with hands-on experience and a deeper understanding of the arbitration process. Participants may also have the opportunity to engage in mock arbitrations to simulate real-life scenarios and enhance their skills in conducting fair and impartial proceedings.

Professional training for arbitrators is typically facilitated by experienced arbitrators, legal professionals, and experts in the field. These trainers share their expertise, insights, and best practices to guide participants in developing the necessary skills to handle complex disputes and render well-reasoned and enforceable decisions.

Upon completion of the training program, participants may receive a certification or accreditation, which attests to their successful completion of the training and their readiness to serve as qualified arbitrators. This certification enhances their professional credibility and demonstrates their commitment to excellence in the field of arbitration.

Overall, professional training for arbitrators plays a critical role in preparing individuals to effectively and confidently serve as neutral decision-makers in resolving disputes outside of traditional court proceedings. It equips them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and ethical standards to conduct fair and efficient arbitrations, contributing to the integrity and credibility of the arbitration process.

The Accreditations

The training programs are accredited by international organisation. You can start wokring as an ADR practitioner in the partner organisations.

The Equa Benefits

The training program enables you to become an Equa Certified Neutral.

You get 1-year of complementary subscription to Private ADR Courts.

Enable yourself to work as an Arbitrator.

Training for Arbitrators

The Training focuses mainly on practical methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution through online mode. The training shall be imparted by experts in arbitration and mediation though videos and live lectures. 

Get the International Peacemaker Certification

International Peacemaker Certification Program

Know the nuances of Online Dispute Resolution and be prepared for the online world.


How do I get the Training?

The training is offered by wPractical Academy which is duly recognised by

When should I start working as an Arbitrator after completing the training?

You are eligible to apply as a neutral immediately after completing the training.

Do I need to pay to Equa for this?

No. Equa does not get anything for the training. 

How will I get the cases?

You can either set up your private court or get empanelled as a Neutral with Equa.

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