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About Equa.Law

Equa is a non-profit organization established to create a quick and effective space for resolution of disputes. Our goal is to provide a safe, cost-effective, trustworthy, and accessible platform to manage the conflicts arising in all walks of life.  It is an innovative Virtual Dispute Resolution Centre that affords people access to easy and quick redressal of their complaints against companies and individuals and at the same time provides opportunity for businesses to maintain good customer relations.

Equa is interminably working towards establishing an effective and speedy justice delivery system wherein each tier of dispute resolution process will be concluded in within a short period of time. Equa is multi-levelled dispute resolution platform, firstly the parties will be given the opportunity to resolve their dispute by negotiation. If the negotiation process does not bear any fruit and the parties are dissatisfied with the same they may choose to settle their dispute through mediation and if that does not result in a binding settlement then they may turn to arbitration for a final and binding award.

In order to acclimatize mediators and arbitrators with our state of the art technology. Equa will provide comprehensive to them regarding the same. They will also be instructed on ethos of our case management process, and upon the successful completion of the training, the neutrals will be accredited with relevant certification.

We have partnered with many corporate companies who are ready to get their matter decided through the Equa platform.

ISO 27001:2013

ISO 9001:2015

Vision that we see.

Our vision is to engage with the various stakeholders such as government organizations and professionals to provide a robust and advanced system that is capable of effectively resolve disputes online. We are working to develop a justice delivery system that eliminates backlog and reduces the workload of traditional courts. We envision the creation of an advanced dispute resolution mechanism that is devoid of all the problems facing the current system but with all the functionalities necessary for its enforcement.

The Objectives we are striving for

The Equa Pledge

We believe in collaborative working and the use of early intervention techniques to resolve differences of opinion before they escalate into disputes.

We recognise the importance of embedding conflict avoidance mechanisms into projects with the aim of identifying, controlling and managing potential conflict, whilst preventing the need for formal, adversarial dispute resolution procedures. 

We commit to working proactively to avoid conflict and to facilitate early resolution of potential disputes. We commit to resolve the disputes through the methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

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