Integrate your Business

Spend time on growth, not disputes.

Protect your business from frivolous litigation. Direct your time and energy for growth.

Maintain Online Reputation

Let the customers reach you through independent dispute resolution platform. Resolve the customer's issue online.

Avoid Litigation

The customers shall approach you for Online Dispute Resolution and the clauses shall bar the customers from going to court against you.

Integrate your business with Equa.Law

Mention Equa clauses in your contracts, agreements or terms and conditions. Get an opportunity to avoid litigation and settle the matter online, in time.

Products Integration

Disputes are inevitable. Get your product listed with Equa.

Services Integration

Insert the Equa ADR Clause in your service agreement.

Request a Demo

Request a Demo to know how you can maintain the online reputation of your company and create an added layer of legal protection.

The Clauses

Inserting the Equa Clauses in your contracts and agreements shall help you. Equa experts will work with you to draft model ADR clauses, create a custom set of rules and procedures, and educate your membership about the process.

Equa Assurance

Have a look at the promises we make to you.