Register as a Neutral

Work as a neutral with Equa.

Register as a neutral at Equa platform, free. Help the parties to reach the settlement. 

The Equa Grading System for Neutrals.

Equa shall assign you the matters as per your skills and experience. Check out Grading for Neutrals

Financial aspect

Equa offers a transparent fee structure. For every session, you get immediately paid. Each party pays you separately as per the Schedule of Fee

Process and Benefits of Registration

Registering as a neutral or Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) professional allows individuals to showcase their expertise and availability to provide dispute resolution services to parties seeking neutral third-party assistance. Here is a description of the process and benefits of registering as a neutral or ADR professional:

Registering as a neutral or ADR professional allows individuals to establish their credibility, showcase their expertise, and expand their professional network. It increases their chances of being selected for mediation or arbitration assignments, thereby creating opportunities to assist parties in resolving their disputes in a fair, efficient, and mutually satisfactory manner.

Set up your private Court.

Enjoy financial independence with private Courts.

Be an Equa Certified Neutral.

Get more, fast progress in your career as an ADR Professional.

Explore the Training for Neutrals.

Be a better ADR professional with technology and practical examples. Get 1-year complementary subscription of Private ADR Courts.


Be an Arbitrator at Equa.


Get trained as Mediator.

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Case Management Services

When you join the panel, you get Equa Case Managers to support you. They work like your own staff. 

Neutral Assistance Services

Suitable for Private ADR Courts. Avail the trained staff services and maintain it on usage basis.


What is the qualification to work as a Neutral?

It varies for different grades and work profile. You need not be from Law background to work as an Arbitrator or Mediator with Equa.

How will I get paid?

You shall be paid as per the Schedule of Fee in a very transparent manner.

What to do if I do not fulfill the eligibility criteria?

You shall undergo the Training for Neutrals and be eligible to work as a Neutral.