Assistance Services for Neutrals

Get assisted by your staff.

Dispute resolution is a cumbersome process. Direct the staff for routine tasks so that you can focus on resolution process.

Secretarial and Clerical Services

  • Assisting the ADR Practitioners and other participants.

  • Organizing, archiving, and maintaining legal documents.

  • Provide word processing, typing, data entry, replying messages etc.

Financial Management Services

  • Fixing of Tribunal Fee & other terms of appointment

  • Regular rendering of accounts

  • Collecting deposits towards the cost of Arbitration

  • Processing the Tribunal Fee & Expenses

Case Management Services for Private Courts

  • Undertaking administrative matters as necessary in the absence of an institution

  • Communicating with the arbitral institution and parties

  • Organizing meetings and hearings with the parties

  • Handling and organizing correspondence, submissions and evidence on behalf of the arbitral tribunal

  • Researching questions of law

  • Researching discrete questions relating to factual evidence and witness testimony

  • Drafting procedural orders and similar documents

  • Reviewing the parties' submissions and evidence; drafting factual chronologies and memoranda summarizing the parties' submissions and evidence

  • Attending the arbitral tribunal's deliberations, and

  • Drafting appropriate parts of the award

Hire the Equa Services

Avail the service at as low as $20 or ₹1000 or equivalent in other currencies.

Choose the method of payment you like and receive a call from Equa Case Manager.