Pricing & Refund Policy

Pricing Policy

  1. The parties must compensate Equa for relevant costs incurred by them for the efficient conduct of proceedings. The parties will be informed about the payment structure associated with such costs in the pre-arbitration/mediation calls conducted by the case manager.

  2. The term costs inclusive of

  • The fees paid to the Arbitrator/s/Mediators

  • Experts appointed by the Tribunal to assist them in the evaluation of evidence or for any other purpose as seen fit by the arbitrator.

  • Legal and other cost incurred during the Arbitral Proceedings/Mediation

  • The case Management fee charged by Equa

  1. Prevalently, the predetermined costs together with any other additional costs incurred by Equa, will principally be shared equally by both the parties/borne by the unsuccessful party or parties. However, Equa reserves the right to apportion the cost in the manner it deems fit depending on the facts and circumstances of each case.

Refund Policy

  1. Equa follows the policy of application of fee for use basis, meaning thereby, you pay only at the time of use of the service. This provides flexibility to the clients as they don't have to pay the entire lumpsum amount.

  2. The Neutral fee shall be charged only for the effective gearing of the matter. So, if the effective hearing does not take place, the fee shall be refunded or adjusted for the next date of hearing.

  3. The fee paid for Equa services is non-refundable.