How it works

Quick. Secure. Private.

Equa offers a quick resolution of disputes.

How you reach an agreement.

At Equa, the dispute resolution platform that combines arbitration, mediation, and online dispute resolution, the process works as follows:

Through its integrated approach to dispute resolution, Equa strives to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that offers efficient, fair, and cost-effective resolution for a wide range of disputes.

The detailed procedural steps

File complaint in the electronic pre-established form.

Selection of mediator or arbitrator (sole arbitrator or panel)

Filled details such as names, postal and electronic addresses. 

In case of representative, give credentials of those authorized persons. 

Claimant will submit the facts and grounds of complaints.

Prayer or the remedy claimed by the complainant.

Whether any judicial proceedings are undergoing or not. 

Secure online environment for payment of fee for the administrative process. 

Fee will depend upon the size of panel, mode of communication, e-signature etc. 

Click the submission button.

All the documents will be checked or scrutinized by the Equa clerk. 

After complying with all the formalities, the notice or information shall be sent to the respondent. 

The time for reply of 15 day duration shall be granted.

The respondent will have to go through the same steps like complainant.

The clerk would appoint a panel of experts. The ID and passwords shall be shared with the experts/ mediators/arbitrators. 

If the panel reaches a decision, then it shall be forwarded with  reasons. 

The decision shall be uploaded on the website and sent to the parties. 

It goes online

From start to finish, the entire procedure can be completed online.

More than equality

Sometimes, justice is achieved by reaching to something more than equality and equity.

You decide the date to settle.

The case managers coordinates with you. Have a look at your calendar, fix a date that is suitable to you.

Proceedings in a highly secured environment.

You deserve privacy regarding your problem, whether its personal or business dispute. Equa does it all for you.

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