Why Equa

Why you should resolve at Equa?

When it comes to resolving disputes, Equa's dispute resolution services offer numerous compelling reasons to choose their expertise. Here's a description of why you should avail the dispute resolution services of Equa:

Choosing Equa's dispute resolution services means gaining access to a skilled and impartial team, receiving tailored solutions, saving time and costs, preserving relationships, maintaining confidentiality, enjoying accessibility and convenience, and benefiting from their collaborations and partnerships. Equa's commitment to fairness, efficiency, and client satisfaction makes them a trusted and reliable choice for resolving disputes effectively.

Your time, anytime

At Equa, we make you feel comfortable, because we know you are already in trouble.

All online.

You don't need to visit anywhere. Our Case Managers help with everything. The ecosystem partnership with LawDocs make the things even better.

Very economical

Equa has transparent pricing structure. You will find that it is highly economical.

Data is secured on cloud.

You can access your data anytime. You decide that what information to be saved and what not.

Why subscribe to Equa.Law

The pursuit of happiness.

Happiness is the aim of life. Life is short and the time is very fast. The precious time of life should not be drained in disputes.


Savings in Resolution Cost


Faster Resolution Time


Reduction in Errors


Improvement in Compliances of Procedural Rules


Reduction in Inconvenience, Hardship & Hassles


Improvement in Higher Quality Outcomes


No Physical World Interaction – Zero Contact


Reduction in Awards Challenge Rate


Improvement in Case Transparency


Improvement in Data Security & Privacy


Improvement in Data Integrity

Conflict Management

Government and Communities

Conflict and instability happen in every society. When multiple parties all have competing needs conflict can emerge. We see this happen in land disputes; around elections; when development, infrastructure, and public works projects affect nearby communities; and other big, complex social issues.

Government entities and public policy are the ultimate conveners, creating the systems that advance public goals and protect communities. We have deep experience bringing together disparate groups to find mutually agreeable solutions. Our assessments and dispute system design can set a foundation of constructive communication and interactivity. When challenges arise we can facilitate problem solving and decision making processes with all necessary stakeholders.

Between Companies and Communities

Companies and communities live in shared spaces and have on-going relationships. Conflicts between companies and communities are extremely costly and can be misaligned with your corporate values. Both groups can impact one another for better or worse. We can help you get it right.

Our situation assessments, dispute system design, and facilitation services can provide your company with a robust stakeholder engagement program as part of your corporate social responsibility work. When a serious issue between your company and community emerges, we can provide mediation and multi-party facilitation to resolve the conflict and find new solutions to work together.

Inside Organizations

Whether you’re a company, a foundation, or a government agency, your organization is driven by people. In organizations, interpersonal conflict is inevitable and is extremely costly in terms of money, performance, and team morale. There is good news. First, conflict is manageable. Second, you can use conflict for your organization’s benefit. When conflict is used productively you can improve decision making and increase innovation.

If your team is experiencing negative conflict, we can intervene with a mediation or team facilitation and get the crisis resolved quickly. Our assessment services can identify your team’s strengths and challenges. To be proactive, we can design a dispute resolution system or create and service an organizational ombuds office. Our training services can help you build capacity, so your team can improve their communication and conflict management skills.