The Benefits

Get benefited.

Include the Equa Clauses in your product or service agreement and experience stress-free life.

There are various advantages associated with ADR.

Solve the Problems and grow.

Grow as the disputes will make you stagnant in life.

Save your precious time.

Save your time and move on in the life, fast.

Fight from your place.

Anytime, at your time.

Rise in life.

Cover more distance in your life by not wasting your time in disputes.

Everything online.

Settle your matter with convenience of your home or office.

Designed & Created from Scratch

  • One Platform

  • One Data

  • Zero Contact

  • Total Digital Transformation by Breaking Processes out of Silos

  • Third Generation ODR

  • Intelligent Workflow – Orchestration of Automation, AI/ ML, Block-chain, IOT & Analytics

  • Deep Digital Integration of Every Single Point of the Entire Workflow at DNA Level

  • End-to-End Visibility and Agility

  • Fair Balance between Human & Machine

  • Reimagined, Rediscovered & Reengineered Dispute Resolution Process

  • Automation of Key Processes Secure

  • High end Security and Data Protection

Speed up the business progress.

Integrate Equa clauses in your agreements.

Open new avenues.

A discussion during the settlement process will make you to explore and evaluate options. This will eventually make you grow and get new ideas.

The Difference

  • We are part of an always evolving transnational disputes system that is getting revered for its innovation, aggregation and digital transformation.

  • We embrace new procedures, approaches and reformed processes and are continuously creating new systems for delivering solutions to the modern world.

  • We are building simpler consumer-focused models. Our systems are easier to use for everyone facing complex disputes, and are equally proportionate in resolving simpler disputes.

  • Under our model, cases are handled faster and in a more convenient way, improving the experience for everyone making and defending claims.

  • From virtual hearings, online decision making, early evaluation, mediation and conciliation to the traditional face-to-face hearing, our Neutrals and systems deliver better quality, faster and less stressful resolution of claims.

  • We use specially trained case officers to handle basic case management and case progression. Our unique approach incorporates less combative methods for disputes to be resolved.

  • Neutrals use online, virtual and traditional hearings that best meet the circumstances of the case. Enabling lawyers, parties and witnesses to participate in hearings on telephone and via video conferencing.

  • Our approach to dispute resolution is easily understandable by non-lawyers, helping ordinary business people resolve their issues in a low-key way, without needing expensive legal representation to help them understand what to do.

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