Get professional mediation training.

Equa has partnered with wPractical Academy to offer Mediation training.

Mediate to resolve.

Meet them online to help them to reach an agreement. Offer them a solution so that they agree to resolve.

Be an Equa Certified Mediator.

Apply for grading and assessment. Procure more trust and wide acceptance.

The Accreditations

The trainings offered by Equa.Law enjoy wide acceptance among international organisations athat are working in the field of mediation. Check out below.

Training for Mediators

The training shall be imparted by experts in mediation though videos and live lectures. The candidates may further explore the training and its importance on at

The other necessary details, schedule of training, timing, terms and conditions etc., are mentioned at wPractical website

Get International Peacemaker Certification.

Peacemaker Certification

As a first step, explore the world of ADR with Peacemaker Certification. Get your first certificate be ready to become a prospective Arbitrator.


How do I act as a mediator?

You can either get empanelled with Equa as a Neutral for free or set your private ADR Court.

What is the pay structure offered by Equa to a mediator?

All the mediators as paid as per the Schedule of Fee.

What if the mediation fails?

The Mediators are paid as per the hearing of sessions. If the mediation fails, you shall get paid for whatever work that you done.

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