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Equa has partnered with wPractical Academy to offer Mediation training.

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The Accreditations

The trainings offered by Equa.Law enjoy wide acceptance among international organisations athat are working in the field of mediation. Check out below.

Training for Mediators

 The training shall be imparted by experts in mediation though videos and live lectures. The candidates may further explore the training and its importance on at

Professional training for mediators is a specialized program designed to provide individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge, and techniques to facilitate effective and constructive mediation processes. These training programs are tailored to equip participants with the expertise required to assist parties in resolving disputes through negotiation and dialogue.

Professional training for mediators covers a wide range of topics, including conflict resolution theory, communication skills, active listening, negotiation strategies, problem-solving techniques, cultural sensitivity, and ethics. Participants learn about the fundamental principles of mediation, the stages of the mediation process, and how to create a safe and conducive environment for parties to express their interests and concerns.

The training programs often incorporate interactive exercises, role-plays, and case studies to allow participants to practice and hone their mediation skills. Through these practical experiences, participants gain insights into managing emotions, facilitating effective communication, promoting understanding, and guiding parties towards mutually agreeable solutions.

Professional training for mediators is typically delivered by experienced mediators, trainers, and experts in the field. These trainers provide guidance, feedback, and mentorship to participants, helping them develop the essential competencies required for successful mediation.

Upon completion of the training program, participants may receive a certification or accreditation, which serves as recognition of their training and competence as mediators. This certification enhances their professional standing and demonstrates their commitment to maintaining high standards of ethical conduct and professionalism.

Professional training for mediators is invaluable for individuals seeking to become skilled and effective mediators. It equips them with the knowledge, techniques, and practical insights necessary to assist parties in resolving conflicts amicably, promoting communication, understanding, and collaborative problem-solving. These trained mediators play a vital role in facilitating peaceful and mutually satisfactory resolutions, contributing to the field of alternative dispute resolution and promoting a culture of constructive conflict management.

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How do I act as a mediator?

You can either get empanelled with Equa as a Neutral for free or set your private ADR Court.

What is the pay structure offered by Equa to a mediator?

All the mediators as paid as per the Schedule of Fee.

What if the mediation fails?

The Mediators are paid as per the hearing of sessions. If the mediation fails, you shall get paid for whatever work that you done.

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