File a Response

Defend yourself. Remember, silence means acceptance.

Reply to the allegations. Participation in ADR proceedings shall always help you. Final decision shall be made with your consent.

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Equa provides escrow services for the commercial disputes if you opt for it. Meaning thereby, first the disputed amount is deposited with Equa during the resolution process, and then it is disbursed to the parties, as per the agreed settlement. Know more, here.

Filing a response and protecting your rights is a critical step when you are faced with a legal claim or accusation. It is an opportunity for you to present your side of the story, defend your rights, and ensure that your perspective is heard and considered.

When you receive a legal claim or notice, taking prompt action to file a response is essential. A response is a formal written document that addresses the allegations made against you, presenting your defenses, counterarguments, or any relevant facts or evidence that support your position.

Protecting your rights through a well-prepared response involves several important considerations:

Filing a response is a crucial step in protecting your rights, ensuring that your perspective is presented to the appropriate authority or court. By taking timely and thoughtful action, you can safeguard your rights and work towards a fair resolution of the dispute. If you have any uncertainties or complexities involved, consulting with a qualified attorney is highly recommended to provide you with the necessary legal guidance throughout the process.

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Is it mandatory to file a reply?

Not mandatory, but remember, silence amounts to consent. If any allegation is levelled against you, then you should definitely reply, else it may go against you.

What are the charges that I need to pay for filing a reply?

You should pay the fee and charges as per the Schedule of Fee. The Case Manager shall coordinate with you regarding this matter.

Can I back out during the proceedings?

Yes, anytime. The proceeding at Equa goes on only with your consent.

What to do if the parties do not reach to an agreement?

The parties can approach the regular traditional courts.