Neutral Hiring Services

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Get suggestions on the selection of neutrals. Go with gut-feeling. Selecting the right neutral is critical and should not be left to chance Self-Administered/Non-Administered/Ad-Hoc.

Equa, the dispute resolution centre, offers Neutral Hiring Services to clients and parties seeking a professional mediator or neutral for the resolution of their dispute. These services provide valuable assistance in selecting a mediator or neutral who is well-suited to the specific type and nature of the dispute. Here is a detailed description of how Equa's Neutral Hiring Services work:

Equa's Neutral Hiring Services offer clients and parties the convenience and assurance of selecting a professional mediator or neutral who possesses the right skills and expertise for their specific dispute. By leveraging the knowledge and experience of the Equa team, clients can make an informed decision, promoting a more effective and successful resolution of their dispute.

Drawing on the vast membership of diverse professionals from over 40 countries, Equa.Law has access to an immense pool of qualified and experienced professionals, from a wide range of disciplines, including lawyers, engineers, surveyors, architects and accountants.

Neutral Hiring Services

The challenge of selecting the best neutral with the right set of skills. Choosing the wrong neutral can adversely affect the outcome of the dispute which, in turn, can have a long-term impact on business relationships and the bottom line. This is particularly important for arbitral proceedings because arbitral decisions are typically final and binding. 


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