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Civil Matters

Property, contractual, rent related matters

Commercial Matters

Business transactions, Cheque Bounce, IPR, financial matters etc.

Family Matters

Divorce, domestic violence, separation, child custody etc.

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Equa deploys artificial intelligence to analyze the issue. respond immediately with suggestions. Compatible with International Law also.

A dispute exploration tool or platform typically works by providing users with a structured and systematic approach to understanding and analyzing disputes. Here's a general idea of how such a tool might work:

Dispute Explorer: A Guide to Understanding Your Legal Claims

Equa, the leading dispute resolution center, offers a unique service called Dispute Explorer, aimed at assisting parties and clients in exploring the nature of their dispute in legal terms before proceeding with formal legal claims or suits. With Dispute Explorer, parties can gain a clear understanding of their legal standing, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their claims, and make informed decisions about pursuing legal action. Here's a description of the Dispute Explorer services:

Through the Dispute Explorer service, Equa aims to empower parties and clients by providing them with the necessary knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions about their legal claims. By exploring the nature of their dispute in legal terms, parties can avoid unnecessary litigation, consider alternative dispute resolution options, and pursue the most suitable path towards resolving their dispute effectively.

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Dispute Explorer Service

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Neutral Opinion Service

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What service I get from Equa?

It’s a new service to provide of free, quick and easy way of resolving disputes. Parties can resolve their disputes online with or without the help of a mediator. Parties can also arrange to meet in person with a mediator or via video conference. Mediation is a process in which a trained neutral person helps parties identify a solution to a dispute. Mediators do not take sides, evaluate claims or provide legal advice. 

What is consultation call?

What, If I don't have a remedy as per Law?

Will Equa help me in filing a suit?

No, Equa does not help in the process of litigation.