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Equa, the dispute resolution centre, offers Neutral Opinion Services to clients and parties who are seeking guidance on whether to proceed with legal action. These services provide clients with a neutral and expert opinion from the legal professionals associated with Equa. Here is a detailed description of how Equa's Neutral Opinion Services work:

Equa's Neutral Opinion Services provide clients and parties with a neutral and expert assessment of their legal situation. By receiving a thorough analysis of their case and an unbiased opinion on the feasibility of legal action, clients can make well-informed decisions regarding the next steps in their dispute resolution process.

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advisory opinions on such questions, allowing you to fine-tune arguments, reassess settlement options, manage client expectations — and ultimately proceed with heightened confidence and a winning strategy.

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Corporate Offerings.

Standing Neutral

A standing neutral is a trusted, independent expert adviser (or a panel of three advisers) chosen by contracting parties to help resolve any disputes that arise between them during the contractual relationship.

This is typically used in the context of a business relationship where long-term cooperation is paramount, such as projects undertaken in the construction and oil industries. It is seen as a first response technique, designed to prevent any problems from escalating into adversarial disputes.

Contracting parties who have arranged for a standing neutral are incentivized to concentrate on fixing the problem rather than fixing the blame. They use their mutual knowledge to reach a solution between themselves, instead of relinquishing control to the neutral.

Neutral Chairing

Businesses, boards and senior management teams are frequently faced with situations where they benefit from the involvement of an independent and impartial third party to facilitate progress.

Whether it’s because of stalemate in reaching a consensus or simply because the appointed Chair needs to play an active role in the debate, a neutral chair is invaluable in enabling discussions, problem-solving, building relationships within the team and managing difficulties or conflict.

Using essential mediation skills a neutral chair will reduce the risk of conflict becoming destructive and can provide a moderating influence where factional positions have developed. the better way service offers a means of facilitating communication in a wide range of circumstances that require both a sensitive and a pragmatic approach.

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