The Accreditations

Acceptability of Equa Training Programs

The training programs offered by Equa.Law are honored by various organizations all over the world. You can be an Arbitrator or Mediator with the recognized partners.

Benefits of Equa Recognized Training Partners

  • Able to train and assess individuals for the purposes of becoming an Equa Certified Neutral.

  • Listing in the Neutrals' Panel at Equa.Law

  • Use of the Equa RTP logo;

  • Highly customised, detailed and independent audit report prepared by SIMI to capture the Equa RTP's essential course information;

  • Regular servicing by Equa.Law to ensure future iterations of the Equa Partners remain consistent and relevant;

  • Early access and notification to events and seminars organised by Equa;

  • Updates from Equa on best practices relating to arbitration and mediation training.

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