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Join our growing network of members and partners and become part of one powerful global brand in Dispute Resolution. Regardless of the size of your business, we are always looking for like-minded organisations to create long lasting prosperous relationships. 

There are many ways in which we can form mutually beneficial business partnerships; you can read more about these below. We are happy to consider any other proposals you might have in mind.

Corporate & Business Partner

If you represent a trade association or similar organization and would like to bring the benefits of ADR to your members, please consider partnering with Equa to develop an appropriate rule set, assemble an expert panel of neutrals, and efficiently administer the cases.

Training Partners

Equa.Law undertakes the grading of Neutrals and accredits the organisations from where the candidates can get the ADR training. Candidates trained from such organisations can become a Neutral with Equa.

Education Partners

Universities and Colleges can join the partnership to organise joint programs and events. The students of the University shall be preferred to participate in the world-wide programs conducted by Equa or its partners.

Ecosystem Partners

Organiizations working in the field of ADR at national and international can join together to create an ecosystem for dispute resolution. The organization may take the collaboration to the advanced level.

Media Partners

News and Media Partners shall get the news from Equa with regard to the activities conducted in the field of ADR.

Talent Partners

Refer and provide candidate for internship and recruitment. Equa.Law welcomes and entertains the applications through partner organisation.

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