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Equa, the dispute resolution centre, offers comprehensive case management services tailored specifically for ADR professionals and mediators. These services are designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of delivering dispute resolution services. Here are the key features of Equa's case management services for ADR professionals and mediators:

Equa's case management services for ADR professionals and mediators aim to streamline the dispute resolution process, allowing professionals to focus on their core competencies while benefiting from the administrative support, procedural guidance, and secure communication channels provided by Equa. By leveraging these services, ADR professionals can enhance their practice, deliver efficient dispute resolution services, and provide a positive experience for parties involved in the process.

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Pre-litigation Call

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Financial Management

Dispute Resolution Process

Case Administration Services

How does it help you.

1. Hosting the zoom call;

2. Managing the waiting room;

3. Ensuring strict confidentiality (i.e. locking the main hearing room, disabling chat and record functions);

4. Assigning and supervising breakout/retirement rooms; 

5. Screen sharing documents if and when needed;

6. Supporting the mediator/arbitrator in all aspects of technology;

7. Being a single point of contact for the parties in the mediation/arbitration; 

8. Helping troubleshoot the connection and  online process before and during the mediation/ arbitration;

9. Liaising with the transcriber of an arbitration hearing; 

10... and more, upon your request.

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