Case Management Services

Avail Case Management Service

Assistance to you.

  • Ask about upcoming events.

  • Receive timely information.

  • A single point of contact for you.

  • Assistance for proving Neutrals.

Pre-litigation Call

Discuss the matter on phone or VC. Ask anything to be sure.

Financial Management

  • Fixing of Tribunal Fee & other terms of appointment,

  • Regular rendering of accounts,

  • Collecting deposits towards the cost of Arbitration,

  • Processing the Tribunal Fee & Expenses

Dispute Resolution Process

  • Provision of Arbitration Procedural Rules

  • Tailor-made Blue Print & Management

  • Appointment of Arbitrators (Profiling, Identification, Ranking, Negotiation & Selection)

  • Challenge to Arbitral Tribunal

  • Confirming & Replacing Arbitrator as entrusted by Arbitration Rules

  • Overseeing Emergency Proceedings before the start of Arbitration

Case Administration Services

  • Communication Management,

  • Events Management,

  • Calendar Management,

  • Documents Management,

  • Facilitation,

  • Hearing Management etc.

How does it help you.

1. Hosting the zoom call;

2. Managing the waiting room;

3. Ensuring strict confidentiality (i.e. locking the main hearing room, disabling chat and record functions);

4. Assigning and supervising breakout/retirement rooms;

5. Screen sharing documents if and when needed;

6. Supporting the mediator/arbitrator in all aspects of technology;

7. Being a single point of contact for the parties in the mediation/arbitration;

8. Helping troubleshoot the connection and online process before and during the mediation/ arbitration;

9. Liaising with the transcriber of an arbitration hearing;

10... and more, upon your request.

Hire the Equa Services

Avail the service at as low as $20 or ₹1000 or equivalent in other currencies.

Choose the method of payment you like and receive a call from Equa Case Manager.