Features of Grievance Portals

The Features of Grievance Portals at Equa.Law

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Grievance portals are essential tools for effective management and resolution of grievances within an organization. These portals offer a range of features that enhance the efficiency, transparency, and effectiveness of the grievance resolution process. Here are some key features of Equa.Law grievance portals:

These features collectively enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of grievance resolution processes, fostering a positive work environment where employee concerns are addressed promptly and fairly. Grievance portals serve as valuable tools in promoting transparency, communication, and organizational growth.


The Equa model ensures and demonstrates the freedom of the ombudsmen from interference in decision making. This happens because of multi-layered appointment of Ombudsmen, transparent remuneration and the governance structure of the organization ensures independence of the decisions of Ombudsmen.

There are over 100 Ombudsmen who are randomly taking up cases of disputes coming from consumers of different companies

Openness and Transparency

Equa governance ensures openness and transparency for all stakeholders to have confidence in the decisionmaking and management processes of the Equa.


Equa dispute resolution processes and laws ensure straightforward dealing and completeness, based on honesty, selflessness and objectivity, and ensuring high standards of probity and propriety in the conduct of the scheme's affairs and complaint decision making.

Clarity of Purpose

Equa open communication through various media outlets ensure that stakeholders know why the scheme exists and what it does, and what to expect from it.,


Equa quality charter ensures that the scheme delivers quality outcomes efficiently.


Equa bylaws govern the working of all its members and staff including the ombudsmen and members of any board, executive and governing body. The bylaws makes all responsible and accountable for their decisions and actions, including the stewardship of funds (with due regard to the independence of the office holder) subject to appropriate public or external scrutiny and always accountable to stakeholders for operation of scheme.

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