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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and mediation have gained recognition and importance in Bangladesh as effective methods for resolving disputes outside of traditional court processes. The country has established a legal framework that supports ADR, including specific laws and statutes governing arbitration and mediation.

The key legislation in Bangladesh includes the Arbitration Act of 2001, the Mediation Rules of 2012, and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Act of 2017. These laws provide a comprehensive framework for the conduct of ADR processes, outlining the procedures, qualifications of practitioners, and the enforceability of outcomes.

Data and information regarding the pendency and resolution of disputes in Bangladesh demonstrate the growing utilization of ADR. According to the Bangladesh International Arbitration Centre (BIAC), there has been a significant increase in the number of arbitration cases in recent years, indicating a growing acceptance of ADR in the country. Additionally, the Mediation Rules of 2012 have facilitated the resolution of disputes through mediation, contributing to quicker and cost-effective outcomes.

Dispute resolution platforms like Equa have played a significant role in enhancing access to justice and promoting the resolution of disputes in Bangladesh through Online Dispute Resolution (ODR). Equa provides an online platform that enables parties to engage in mediation and arbitration proceedings remotely. With its network of professional neutrals, arbitrators, and mediators, Equa offers individuals and businesses access to qualified experts who can facilitate fair and efficient dispute resolution.

The use of ODR platforms like Equa has several advantages. It provides a convenient and accessible avenue for resolving disputes, particularly for parties located in different geographical areas. ODR reduces costs associated with travel and in-person proceedings, and it enables parties to engage in the resolution process more efficiently. Furthermore, ODR platforms like Equa offer a secure and confidential environment for parties to communicate and negotiate, promoting transparency and trust in the dispute resolution process.

Bangladesh's legal framework supports ADR and mediation as effective alternatives to traditional court proceedings. The increasing utilization of ADR, coupled with the availability of online dispute resolution platforms like Equa, has expanded access to justice and facilitated the resolution of disputes in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

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