The Equa Feedbook

Your feedback guides us.

Get in touch with your Case Manager to provide feedback. We respect difference of opinion. You can also provide views about the neutrals.

Why Equa needs feedback

  • It enables future users to gain an appreciation of that SIMI Certified Mediator’s individual skills and character as perceived by prior users.

  • It removes some of the guesswork and risk related to the users’ selection process when choosing a mediator and gives prospective users a greater insight into the competency and suitability of the Neutral.

  • This may persuade hesitant parties to try mediation.

  • This helps the neutrals to refine skills and practices for the future, to build on strengths and focus on any development needs.

  • It assists Equa.Law when reviewing their mediators’ performances, to determine the Equa Neutrals suitability for certain kinds of disputes and plan best practice and other professional enhancement programs.

Guidelines for Neutrals

  • Prepare a Feedback from the perspective of a future user, trying to objectively summarize accumulated feedback to date as accurately as possible.

  • Emphasize any special strengths and characteristics repeatedly mentioned.

  • Focus on perceived skills and styles, illustrating briefly where appropriate.

  • Maintain confidentiality as to the mediation and its participants.