Court Annexed/Appointed ADR  Services

Court Annexed/Appointed Services

The Courts direct for the arbitration or mediation. Equa supports the proceedings and concludes it in a time-bound manner.

The terms of Reference

The appointment of mediators by the court is a process that enables parties involved in a dispute to engage in court-annexed mediation. Court-annexed mediation programs are designed to encourage parties to resolve their disputes through mediation within the court system, offering an alternative to traditional litigation.

When parties agree to participate in court-annexed mediation or when the court deems it appropriate for a particular case, the court may appoint a mediator to facilitate the mediation process. The appointment of mediators by the court serves several purposes:

The appointment of mediators by the court underscores the court's commitment to promoting alternative dispute resolution methods and facilitating the resolution of disputes outside of traditional litigation. It offers parties an opportunity to engage in a facilitated negotiation process under the guidance of a qualified mediator, potentially leading to a mutually satisfactory resolution.

It's important to note that the specific procedures for the appointment of mediators by the court can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the rules or regulations governing court-annexed mediation. Parties involved in a dispute should consult with their legal representatives or review the relevant court guidelines to understand the specific process and requirements in their jurisdiction.

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