#EqualHer Initiative

A sensitization campaign based upon the equality of rights.

When women equate, everyone benefits.

Ever wonder who’s shaping society today?

Take a look around.

Right now, there’s someone creating new opportunities in your local community. There’s someone using new technologies to reshape societies around the globe. There’s someone innovating new ways for more and different voices to be heard, everywhere.

It’s her.

When she gets equal, the total increases in its value.

So this International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating her – and her many accomplishments, past, present and future.

Because we know when it’s her, it’s all of us.

Sarah Johnson, Ecologist

She is advocating for equal rights of women in the tribal area. The tribal women do not have access to the education.

She is creating an awareness among the tribal society that women should also have property rights. She says that tribal women have indispensable role in the running the family livelihood.

Nadia Khan, Model

She is working for gender sensitization. She feels that women should be granted equal opportunities in all spheres of life.

She is actively contributing to the EqualHer initiative.

Rising women entrepreneurship.

When you do business, difference of opinion arises. The dispute may also arise which can affect the business growth adversely.

Equa is supporting women entrepreneurs.

Join the initiative.

The objectives

  • Support women to lead a range of conflict resolution and transformation processes in their communities, regions, countries

  • Increase peacebuilding projects in the participants’ home countries that improve conditions and involve more women in creating social change

  • Equip women to contribute to peace negotiations and to lead civil society efforts to hold institutions and non-state actors accountable for sustainable peace and development

  • Empower women to transform their communities by capitalizing on the successes of other nations that have emerged from conflict

  • Build networks to leverage the efforts of each person and to attain a sustained women’s community of practice

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